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Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Duce's

Sarah and Dan have two adorable little boys - Brayden (2 years) and Brodie (nearly 2 months).  These blonde haired cuties are going to be future heart breakers, I swear. Brayden has SUCH a personality (and the most beautiful blue eyes) and Brodie is just so teeny and adorable and ahhhh! I am so happy with these final images, thanks again guys for letting me spend the day with you! 


I had seen photos of the Flett Tunnel online a few times in the past, googled how to get there, and then never actually went through with it. Lia and I have been friends since elementary school and I've never actually photographed her so we made plans to make this happen. We also decided to make Flett Tunnel happen. Let me tell you... the directions to get there online... not very helpful. It probably took us about an hour of driving around in the general area before we actually got there. I actually came across a guy who had been hunting and asked him for directions. He knew what I was talking about and laughed at just how far off we were. Oops! Thanks to him though we made it! It was quite the sight to see. Walking through the tunnel itself was very, very neat. As we were leaving I made sure to screencap our location on google maps to ensure that next time goes a bit more smoothly!


Eva is my adorable second cousin. She has such a magnetic smile and the biggest blue eyes. Right before I started snapping the neighbors puppy ran over and nearly trampeld the poor girl. She obviously wasn't very happy so we didn't get to see that beautiful smile as much as we had hoped, but the photos still turned out just lovely. I mean, how could they not - she's such a cutie pie!

Kristy and Blake

These two cuties are my sister Kristy and her boyfriend Blake, aren't they adorable? Whenever I have a hankering to take some photos, these two are my go-to. It may take a little bribing but the results are always amazing! They even planned their outfits for this shoot (maybe they don't need to be bribed anymore??). The sun was pretty harsh so we trekked into the forest and I am so pleased with the results. The foliage was so lush and the light caught everything just beautifully. Did I mention how adorable these two are? Thanks again loves!

Janus and Dave

Janus and Dave got engaged in June, shortly after Dave's aunt threw them an engagement party BBQ at her lovely home. I brought my camera so that we could sneak away for a few minutes to take some photos of the love birds. Lucky for us, Dave's aunt has the most gorgeous garden on her property. They made for a killer background. Congrats again you two!